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 Service de plongée-Assistance Maritime-Génie Civil  


OCEAN MULTI SERVICE is a company created in 2019. It is specialized in port, maritime, aquatic and underwater works, more precisely in its hard-to-reach environments. It has a young, professional and experienced team. 

Its main vocation is to provide technical assistance to actors in the maritime, oil, aquatic, underwater and industrial sectors for the realization of large-scale works, maintenance and expertise in ivory coast and in the sub-region.


Repair and Maintenance

Diving service

Maritime Assistance

Reliability of underwater vessel maintenance, inspections, cleaning, repairs, specialist in scuba diving and scuba diving with mixed gas.

Quick damage repairs; metal renovation and fabrication; pipe restoration; on-board mechanical repair and overhaul; electrical installation; plumbing. 

Salvage of materials; Installation of port equipment; Supply, installation and maintenance of port materials and equipment (VTS, VTM, AIS...); Refit of hulls of ships and launches.



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